Adaptive Leadership Course, IAB

ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP COURSE.cdr November 20th, 2015
Dear Colleagues,For the first time in Armenia, IAB International Academy of Business is organizing a 2-day transformative Adaptive Leadership Course designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.By the completion of this program, participants will enhance their adaptive and transformational ... more

How to Manage Project Cost Effectively, IAB

September 30th, 2015
Nowadays, more than half of projects overspend initially assigned budgets. Very often, project managers, as a safety precaution, unreasonably overestimate their project expenses and even ... more


September 28th, 2015
In the event of upcoming EU-Armenia Trade and economic subcommittee, ABBC took part in a round-table held by EU Delegation, to discuss the issues of high importance such as ... more

IAB offers Practical Project Management Courses

roles-of-project-manager-2 July 2nd, 2015
At least 61% of the projects fail according to international statistics.Delays, over budget, unsatisfactory results. Mostly caused by ineffectiveProject Management.IAB offers Practical Project Management Courses starting from July 6, 2015.Participate in the course and enhance your practical skills which ... more